The USC Trojan Debate Squad is a unique learning environment that represents USC’s longstanding commitment to excellence in the undergraduate educational experience.

When debate at USC began in 1880, as USC’s first chartered student organization, it reflected the importance of public speaking as a skill needed for young Trojans. Trojan Debate, then supported by the College of Oratory, trained talented students and prepared them for competitions. Over the last 130 years the Trojan Debate Squad has played a leading role in teaching debate as a unique form of critical thinking and advocacy.

Today, the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism hosts the debate squad and its faculty teaches debate as an essential skill for today’s increasingly information-rich society. The squad competes in policy debate competitions hosted by the National Debate Tournament (NDT) and the Cross-Examination Debate Association (CEDA).

The squad’s activities include much more than intercollegiate competition. The debate squad today also hosts an innovative research program designed to explore how the skills of debate are evolving in a digital era. The squad also supports efforts by the Los Angeles Metropolitan Debate League to expand debate in Los Angeles high schools.

Being a part of the squad is an opportunity for a unique educational experience. Trojan debaters excel in the classroom, at competitions, and in all of our projects. Fight On!