Trojan Web Debates

Spring 2012 Trojan Web Debates

USC’s Trojan Debate Squad is proud to host the Spring Trojan Web Debates–a continuation of our series of intercollegiate debate tournaments hosted online throughout the 2011-2012 academic year, and open to all college and university students.

The U.S. has witnessed a lively and raucous series of primary elections and debates thus far in 2012. As Republican primary participants vie for the party’s nomination, and President Obama’s campaign seeks to extend his time in office for another term, a number of “hot button” issues have begun to emerge. Candidates’ the economy, job creation, foreign policy and immigration are likely to weigh heavily in this year’s elections. So, too, are the candidates’ positions on social and moral questions, such as same-sex marriage and abortion. Thus we pose the following question for debate:

What political party presents the best options for the future of the United States of America?

Entries for the Spring 2012 Trojan Web Debates Are Now Closed. Competition begins Monday, April 2nd.

Use the links below to access the speech submission forms, ballots and rules and other information.

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