Digital Debate

Annenberg Digital Debate Initiative (ADDI)

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The Annenberg Digital Debate Initiative (ADDI) is a research project of the Trojan Debate Squad (TDS) with the goal to examine how the values of academic debate can translate into new media environments. Building upon the TDS’ experience with academic debate, we are committed to investigating how the development of new media technologies can be influenced to promote the values of enhanced civil dialogue and public argumentation. Our vision is to have USC Annenberg faculty, staff, and students at the forefront of the efforts to utilize and assess how new media technology is living up to the promise of producing a truly participatory public sphere. ADDI requires close work with innovative technologies and entrepreneurs.

ADDI functions by designing, implementing, and assessing participatory media debate projects. We work with new media entrepreneurs who are working to build the next generation of mediated debate platforms. We select projects that are designed to promote a greater social good and that can translate the value of debate to digital media.

USC students can earn academic credit for their involvement with the project. Students will work with Dr. Gordon Stables, USC Annenberg’s Director of Debate and Forensics, and new Annenberg faculty member James Maritato, a social media scholar, who comes to Annenberg from Rutgers University.

ADDI events will also be promoted on the Trojan Debate Facebook page.