Becoming a Trojan

Membership on the Trojan Debate Squad is open to any undergraduate student at USC who can fulfill their responsibilities to the squad and to their academics. Graduate students are welcome to join as assistant coaches and to support our research and community programs. We encourage involvement from students already attending and those considering applying to USC. 

The squad has a long tradition attracting outstanding students to USC. Our students come to us with all kinds of backgrounds. We have students from all over the US and the world debate for USC. We have students who debated in the finals of the TOC and NFL and others who never debated in high school. The common aspect of our students is that they are individuals with strong character and high personal motivation. If you want to succeed in college debate we can help you make that possible.

We encourage all undergraduate applicants to apply for a debate squad scholarship. USC maintains a long-standing commitment to helping to support the educational experience of students who take part in the debate program.

The specific sub-pages outline the ways in which students may join the squad. The squad is always looking for outstanding new students and we encourage you to consider joining us.