USC debate team takes on UCLA at Saturday event

“USC faced off against UCLA Friday and Saturday night in two parliamentary-style debates, which covered the war in Syria and U.S. immigration policy. The first debate, which had competitors debate the U.S. backing of Syrian rebel groups, ended in victory for the USC team.”


“Friday‚Äôs debate had a USC team of senior business administration major Ideen Saiedian and first-year law student Nathaniel Haas, who affirmed the resolution that the U.S. should remove its backing from any rebel groups in the Syrian civil war.”


“The USC team, consisting of sophomore economics and mathematics major Kristoff Weakely and freshman economics and sociology major Rebecca Harbeck, argued against the resolution, warning that the wall would not stop illegal immigration, and instead would marginalize immigrants and create a less accepting environment in the U.S.”
USC debate team takes on UCLA at Saturday event, by Diana Kruzman, Daily Trojan, October 11, 2015

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